Video: Relive the GameCube kiosk experience with Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Vol. 13!

For Michibiku’s fifth anniversary, we’re sharing our favorite pieces from our five years of existence. This was originally posted on 3/31/16.

Graham: My favorite thing to do at Michibiku is document a bit of game weirdness that you may not otherwise encounter. Like kiosk demo discs! Check this one out with us.

GameCube demo discs are magical things. They’re not nearly as common as for other systems, and these ones specifically — the kiosk ones — have a very different feel, designed to grab you from a store display and not run in the comfort of your own home. We’re checking out Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Vol. 13, released during the system’s prime!

This disc contains playable demos of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Kirby Air Ride, which are all-time classics; Mario Party 5, which is just a weird game to demo; and Go! Go! Hypergrind, which… yeah, I hadn’t played it before. It also has a bunch of videos! We’ve actually checked out another one of these discs in the pre-Michibiku days, and you can see that one here.

Topics include: Questionable impressions, how not to play Mario Party minigames, getting lost, balanced boards, the Winged Star and apparently there are other ones.

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