How to pick the right virtual pet for you

2020 is a year that is going to have people spending more time inside than usual. Which means folks might be looking for more things to do indoors. A virtual pet is always an option. But, which one should people consider getting? There are a surprising array of options worldwide. It really ends up coming down to how involved you want to get with your new buddy.

tamagotchi on virtual pet

I want the current Tamagotchi experience.

Modern Tamagotchis are way more advanced than the original virtual pets. They have color screens. They have bluetooth compatibility. Tamagotchi On, the newest one, even works with a mobile app for online breeding with other players’ characters. It becomes a generational affair, with the toys you acquire passed on to future creatures and genetics shaping the creatures you raise. It’s very involved and quite fun. 

digimon virtual pet

I want a more traditional virtual pet that plays with others.

Well, Bandai rereleased the original Digimon. You can find it worldwide and it functions exactly how you remembered. You raise the pet to get different monster variants, then prepare it for battles. Care determines which one you get. Just remember that, since this is a callback to the days of old, you will need two if you don’t have someone else in your immediate vicinity to play with.

eevee tamagotchi virtual pet

I want a video game-themed virtual pet.

Well, there’s good news for people who want a virtual pet, but would prefer one that is video game-themed, you’re in luck. There are two options from Bandai right now. Each one has its own perks, but also has hurdles to overcome.

The Eevee Tamagotchi is one option. This is a Japan-exclusive pet that is a small, basic model. Your care determines which Eevee variant you get. In addition to the typical types, you can also get a Ditto, an Eevee dressed as an idol or an Eevee wearing a Team Rocket costume.

The other is the Pac-Man Tamagotchi. This one was released worldwide and is a basic Tamagotchi, only with the ghosts from the game plaguing it. How do you raise your creature safely? You call upon Pac-Man to protect them! There are also themed minigames.

I like cute characters!

The Gudetama Tamagotchi could be a good fit. Its in the same vein as the Eevee Tamagotchi. Instead of traditional characters, you are raising Sanrio’s Gudetama over and over again. When you raise the character, you’re essentially raising it into different sorts of food. The care determines the final product, which is rather neat.

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