The HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah Build Divers kit is a perfect starting Gunpla

People who love import video games will eventually find themselves introduced to the world of Gundam. The series has received multiple adaptations and spin-offs, such as Gundam Breaker 3, SD Gundam Gashapon Wars and Super Robot Wars V. This might also get people thinking, "Maybe I should try building my own Gunpla." For those worried about wading in, it’s time to meet Mobile Doll Sarah.

The HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah Build Divers kit is a starting Gunpla that is affordable and easy to build. She should cost between $20-25, depending on the retailer. No glue or paint is necessary to assemble her. You also don’t need to get sprue cutters or any special tools to clip the pieces out of the runners, as each one could be taken out by hand. However, you might want to have a nail file handy to sand down any possible edges, so Sarah looks professional. It also uses stickers for her eyes and some accents, instead of waterslide decals that may require tweezers. All-in-all, you are probably looking at the Mobile Doll Sarah taking about an hour to assemble. (Though, you may finish sooner if you have prior experience with building models.)

Ironically, it is not only the Bandai Gundam Build Divers Gunpla that is user-friendly. The series she comes from is also an introductory one. Gundam Build Divers is about a Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, a game where people become Divers, build Gunpla, and join Force teams. Sarah is a girl who can tell how much time and effort went into the building of every Gunpla. She’s also an EL-Diver (watch the show to find out what it means), who ends up getting a Gunpla version of herself. This is called the HER-SELF Mobile Doll Sarah, which is exactly what this kit helps you create.

We’ve already established Mobile Doll Sarah as an easily accessible kit. But, there are other reasons why it is successful at helping someone find their footing. The instructions are really great. Creation is divided into sections of the Gunpla’s body. it starts by having you make the torso, with a picture ahead of time showing you what the finished product will look like. Each piece is clearly labeled, with letters and numbers helping you find the proper runner with the parts you need. There are lines showing you exactly where parts connect. There is no ambiguity here.

The organization also means you have a clear sense of progression and progress with the Mobile Doll Sarah Gunpla. The parts aren’t terribly tiny, since the final figure is around six inches tall. There aren’t too many bits for each part of her body, so you move at a steady pace and see results fairly quickly. After the torso, you get to make her head. Then, you make her arms. Her legs follow. Finally, the kit ends with her skirt and optional robotic face plates. You are constantly adding on significant parts and see the character come to life, which is very satisfying. The only really troublesome part is getting the eye stickers just right, as they are applied to a separate plate that snaps onto her face. The stickers can often shift or come off as you are pressing pieces into place. (Fortunately, additional stickers are provided.)

Another great part about Mobile Doll Sarah is that this model is very customizable. You have multiple hand parts that can easily be replaced and posed. She has points of articulation at her hips, knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, neck, hair, and two rear skirt plates. You also have two face plates and two different bang options. This means you opportunities to pose her in different ways. However, the stand she is included with is finicky, due it attaching to the underside of her skirt, and she can not stand on her own. It does cut back on poses, unless you get creative.

HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah Build Divers is a fun kit for first-timers. It lets you get into Gunpla without investing a lot of money on an elaborate model that might be beyond your abilities. It doesn’t require you to purchase all sorts of tools to put it together. You can complete it rather quickly, which means it isn’t like you will need to focus on a part of the model’s body for an hour or so every day. The instructions are easy to follow, and you are rewarded with steady progress. Plus, the finished figure has different appearance and posing options, so you can feel like you made your Mobile Doll Sarah your own even without painting it. It’s a good way to get into the world of Gunpla without a lot of stress.

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