Yakuza 0 video preview: A day in the life of Goro Majima

Let’s head back to 1988! In this video preview, we show you a slice of life in Yakuza 0, following Goro Majima as he heads to the arcade, swings a bat around really hard and tries desperately to get back into the family.

Yakuza 0 shows a few different perspectives of Japanese life in the boom era, when money flowed like wine and… well, wine also flowed like wine. It doesn’t exactly explore origin stories, but it’s a fun exploration of Kiryu’s and Majima’s earlier days. Watch for more! (And stay tuned for our review.)

Topics include: bad crane game tactics, bad OutRun tactics, bad shaman agent tactics, bad cabaret management tactics, bad lively karaoke interjection tactics, bad NPC naming tactics, good shogi avoidance tactics, adequate tissue acquisition tactics, truly poor undercover dating tactics, half-decent bat tactics.

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