Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Tyrants have the best titles

Achievements and trophies are great. They tell the world that we’re important. We accomplished something! We matter, so take that third grade bully who put a “Kick me” sign on my back! We take pride in the things that make us who we are and so do Xenoblade Chronicles X ‘s tyrants. These special monsters are all a little different than their compatriots in-game and make sure we know it.

Tyrants could be considered mini bosses. They’re slightly stronger than their counterparts, despite looking nearly identical. Each one has some sort of unexpected characteristic, reflected by their title. Roderick, the Fleet-Footed, is faster than others and constant on the move. It can be difficult to even catch up with him to begin a battle, as he can move faster than the player sprints. Conversely, Melanya, the Sound Sleeper, will do exactly that unless you attack her.

megatonne xenoblade chronicles x
Many of these titles are something of a warning for Xenoblade Chronicles X players. Seeing something named Megatonne, the Hell Express, will certain be cause for a pause. You would give Harmut, the Calamity, a wide berth. Even if you didn’t catch their levels, the name alone warns you that these folks mean business.

Some even act as shoutouts to the Tyrants’ normal abilities. Did you run into Aria, the Zauberflöte, in Noctilum? That translates to “magic flute,” which is incredibly appropriate. Like all Saltats, it has a horn on its head that makes noises and is used for magic attacks. Pretty clever, right? Valerian, the Iron Cutter, is a gigantic insect with sharp, blade-like extremities. Seems like they’d be sharp enough to cut through anything.

xenoblade chronicles X baabara
Yet, for every telltale Tyrant title, there are eventually ones that feel like they exist for the entertainment of anyone attempting to take them down. Baabara, the Evangelical, is an Ovis. I have no idea what makes it special or evangelical, but it certain is silly seeing a sheep with such a prestigious moniker. Tourteau, the Delectable, a Forfex Tyrant, certainly appears to be a tasty crab. Could you honestly face someone like Casper, the Unhealthy Eater, without a smile on your face? It’d be pretty difficult.

You remember these enemies. The Tyrant titles stick with you. Maybe that’s the best reason for their existence of all. Mini bosses are hardly memorable. If you’ve been playing enough, they can be dispatched in a matter of minutes. By assigning these Xenoblade Chronicles X enemies distinguished names, people pay more attention the the opponent. They think about the fight after it’s through. I started a collection of screenshots, to make note of every unusual name. It helps set these fleeting encounters apart makes both them and the game a little more special.

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