Why The Legend of Zelda SP is so important for Nintendo Switch owners

Nintendo Switch Online is here, which means subscribers have access to an array of NES games that can play on their new console. This is a fantastic move, but the October 2018 update brought with it something extra exceptional. Nintendo has offered people an official, hacked version of a game. The Legend of Zelda Special version that starts you off with all sorts of good things is now available in the list as its own distinct and special entity, and that is pretty great.

How many of you have actually played the original The Legend of Zelda. It is a good and interesting game for sure, but it is also a rather obtuse one. You start in the field with no instructions or directions, left to your own devices. It is very easy to die, if you do not know what you are doing. If you are unfamiliar with it, even if you have experience with the series, you will probably need some sort of guide. Bringing The Legend of Zelda SP to the Nintendo Switch makes a legend more accessible.

The Legend of Zelda SP kicks you off with everything you need to soar through the game. Your game starts Link off with some of the best equipment. Instead of a starter sword, you have the White Sword. That is the second most powerful one and allows you to defeat many enemies with a single hit. He has a magic shield, which is slightly better than a starting shield and better at blocking enemy shots. He has a Blue Ring equipped, which cuts damage taken from enemies in half, and wears the Power Bracelet, which lets him push all objects that can possibly be pushed. You also start with eight bombs, nine keys, a blue candle that lets you send out one flame per screen, meat, a potion and 255 rupees, which will make it easier to get through dungeons, find secrets and buy any potions or extra items you may need.

All of these things give people what they need to go through and enjoy the game. There is less to worry about as you play The Legend of Zelda SP. No barriers keep you from accessing different areas of the game. You have a cushion. But, at the same time, it does not just allow you to immediately go and fight Ganon. You still have to go through the different dungeons, collect other plot-important items and generally play the game. It just becomes a little more manageable and forgiving than the standard version of the game. Combine that with the ability to create suspend saves anywhere and immediately load from such things, and it becomes a much more encouraging experience that could convince someone to keep trying and playing.

What is especially nice is that The Legend of Zelda SP also offers a Second Quest, just like The Legend of Zelda. Once you beat it once, you unlock a more difficult version of the game with stronger enemies, the things you need in different places and dungeons that are different. You could consider the first run through this version of the game as a tutorial and the Second Quest as a chance to prepare for the full The Legend of Zelda experience.

The Legend of Zelda SP is a perfect introduction. It can make the original game a little more inviting for people who might otherwise be intimidated by it. It can help people prepare themselves so that they can then go to the original The Legend of Zelda and better appreciate it for what it is. It makes a classic more inviting.

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