Who’s that Pokemon? Wait, it’s Yo-Kai Watch!

Collectible monster games are bound to have similarities. Especially when they’re coming from the same country and based on popular animals, mythological creatures, and everyday items. Yo-Kai Watch is going to be compared to Pokemon and for good reason. The two games are similar in premise and have a lot of character design parallels.

The good part is, this means you’ll feel right at home when transitioning from Pokemon to Yo-Kai Watch. The characters you love may not be there, but some that are very similar could show up.

Which is why we’re going to play a little game! Remember the, “Who’s that Pokemon?” segment from the animated series? Well, here are some Yo-Kai Watch characters that you might mistake for pocket monsters, based on their silhouettes!

jibanyan espeon pokemon yokai watch
Who’s that shadowy figure? It’s not Espeon! It’s Jibanyan, another nekomata inspired creature. This one’s fire-based instead of psychic, but will still be a valued member of your team.

yuki-onna frosslass pokemon yokai watch
Is that a ninja lurking in the dark? Maybe a ghostly Frosslass? Nope, it’s Yo-Kai Watch‘s Yuki-onna. Given that the Pokemon and her are both icy ghosts, it’s an easy mistake to make.

obaku sama drowsee yokai watch pokemon
Is Pokemon‘s psychic tapir wearing a fancy new outfit in this striking shadow? That would be cool, but this is actually Obaku-sama. His abilities are similar to Drowzee and Munna’s though, as he also puts people to sleep and eats their dreams.

kyuubi ninetails yokai watch pokemon
There are two fire foxes on your handheld now. This shadow doesn’t belong to an unannounced Ninetales Mega Evolution. It’s Yo-Kai Watch‘s Kyuubi.

musha kabuto heracross yokai watch pokemon
That is definitely a bug. But which bug? Not Heracross, a Pokemon based on a kabutomushi Japanese rhinoceros beetle. It’s Musha Kabuto, a possible Yo-Kai Watch critter based on, well, the same bug.

karakara-san gothorita yokai watch pokemon
Who gave Gothorita an umbrella? Nobody! It’s Karakara-san, the most stylish skeleton you’ll ever meet. She seems to be a big fan of the Gothic Lolita look too!

It’s going to be great to see some familiar faces when Yo-Kai Watch debuts in North America today, November 6, 2015. Maybe you should use a Pokemon-inspired team in the game?

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