Who’s Hoppe-chan?

We love slimes. Dragon Quest slimes, Pokémon Dittos and Final Fantasy flans are fine by us. But, if you pay attention to Japanese trends and merchandising, you might have noticed another glob of goo with a sizable fanbase. It’s Hoppe-chan, another fancy buddy blob.

Who is Hoppe-chan?

Japan is filled with all sorts of mascot characters; Hoppe-chan is one of them. These are adorable little slimes with black gem eyes, flushed cheeks and a bow. Occasionally, they’ll be adorned with other accessories. Sometimes, they glow in the dark. One thing is certain – each Hoppe-chan will be some sort of blob.

Hoppe-chan is a byproduct of the Japanese decodan craze. Decodan is short for decorated denwa (phone). The same gem eyes and cheeks and plastic bows match the ones used for the phone cases that began the trend.

There’s a Hoppe-chan for everyone. They’re available in various sizes and shapes, with limited edition variations available. Though, they can be difficult to find. Sunhoseki sells them online and in a few retail stores in Japan.

How can I play with Hoppe-chan?

Do you have a Japanese 3DS? If so, congratulations! You can bring Hoppe-chan home with you. There have been three games inspired by these little slimes so far. Though, don’t expect epic adventures. They’re child-friendly adventures similar to titles starring Hello Kitty or Kumamon. Each one gives you the opportunity to customize characters and take them through some rather light platforming and puzzling adventures.

Hoppe-chan: Tsukutte! Asonde! Punipuni Town!! (2013)

The first Hoppe-chan game is a mini-game collection. You create and decorate your very own slime, then play with it in minigames. There are racing, jumping rope, stacking and skateboarding activities scattered around the town. Do well, and you’ll earn more accessories for customizing characters.

Hoppe-chan: Minna de Odekake! Wakuwaku Hoppe Land!! (2014)

Think of the second Hoppe-chan game as gradually building off of what the second attempted to accomplish. There are more rides and minigames, additional customization options and opportunities to take pictures of these sweet slimes.

Hoppe-chan: Punitto Shibotte Daibouken! (2015)

The third Hoppe-chan game is a departure from the norm. (Perhaps that’s why there’s only one exclamation point in the title?) You’re still getting to create and customize characters, but this time you’re taking them through platforming adventures to save a kingdom. You can even have up to four people competing for gems.

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