Which Pokemon mobile game fits your lifestyle?

It is a brave new world for the Pokemon series. Thanks to the prevalence of mobile devices and lowering of walls, all sorts of spin-offs are showing up in new spaces. Android and iOS devices are getting their own kinds of games involving our favorite pocket monsters. None of them are traditional Pokemon titles, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value or should be ignored. In fact, you probably should be trying out and experiencing some of the ones immediately available now. (Especially while you wait for the DeNA Pokemon Masters game and the sleep-tracking Pokemon Sleep application.) But, which ones should you consider playing?

I want to feel like I am hunting down Pokemon.

Have you heard of a little game called Pokemon Go? It is kind of a big deal. This is a worldwide phenomenon that lets you walk around the actual world and use augmented reality technology to hunt down Pokemon. Since its launch, it has added trading, gyms and raid battles. There are even special community events! For example, Detective Pikachus were lurking about when the Detective Pikachu movie launched! It is on Google Play and iTunes.

I love trading card games!

The mobile adaptation of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is very good. It’s pretty much identical to the PC version, though you can’t redeem your codes on iOS devices. Make decks of cards, compete against other people and enjoy how great this card game still is. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.

I like puzzles!

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a match-3 game. You go around a map, taking on puzzles that each have a specific Pokemon tied to them that must be defeated by making matches. You can earn different characters and equip them. If you have played games like Bejeweled, you’ll have a good head start. It is available on Google Play and iTunes. (You can also find it on the 3DS!)

I like to think strategically.

There are actually two strategic options. One is more complicated than the other. If you want to compete against other people, forming teams of Pokemon and sending them across maps to goals, then check out Pokemon Duel. It is inspired by a trading figure game of the same name. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Pokemon Quest is a more hands-off approach to a strategy game. Your team of three Pokemon does all the work, and you can occasionally direct them to use special moves. It is also available on Google Play and iTunes. (You can also play it on the Switch!)

I am or know a child.

Pokemon Playhouse is charming! It lets you do things like read stories about Pokemon, participate in simple puzzles and care for Pokemon and create scenes with virtual stickers of very adorable Pokemon. It is very simplistic and helps teach children various problem solving skills with cute characters. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.

I want to play with Pokemon by tapping at a screen.

Pokemon Rumble Rush could end up being the game for you. This is a beat-’em-up involving toy Pokemon. They go around stages and you tap to have them attack enemies. It is coming to Android and iOS devices. (You may also enjoy Pokemon Quest for the same reasons.)

This is all really serious! I want something goofy.

Maybe you should consider training the greatest Pokemon of them all, Magikarp. Magikarp Jump is about training a series of Magikarps to try and have them perform the greatest jumps of all. It gets quite deep, since there are different colors to choose from and leagues. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.

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