Which mobile otome games are worth your time?

Otome games, be they visual novels or other sorts of titles with relationship-building elements, are finding more and more of a place for themselves. It is easy to find something new to play. This is especially true if you have a phone or tablet. Tons of mobile otome games are out there. However, they’re not all worth your time. Finding the right sort to play can be tricky. Fortunately, Michibiku is here to help you find the perfect kind of virtual love. You know, in case you already read through this guide and are looking for a little something more.

mr love otome mobile games

I want to play a little bit every day.

A lot of the mobile otome games out there follow the sort of formula you expect from such games. The stories are doled out in bits. You might have to deal with stamina systems to keep going. It might seem frustrating, but there are two free-to-play games that take this format and run with it in a way that it doesn’t feel limiting. Rather, it makes it a part of the gameplay.

Mystic Messenger is a good option! This is an otome game told over an instant messenger. You find yourself helping to prepare Rika’s Fundraising Association charity party, while also spending eleven real-time days getting to know and possibly falling in love with different people affiliated with the organization. You can find it on Google Play and iTunes.

Also, if you like Mystic Messenger, you may want to try some of Cheritz’s other otome games. The company also made the otome PC games Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You and Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice follows a young woman who runs a media production company. It’s on the rocks, and she’s trying to make new shows and get new contracts to turn it around. At the same time, she’s discovering she has special powers and meeting four bachelors who also have unusual abilities. While it doesn’t take place in real-time, it has the same sort of messenger and social media elements as Mystic Messenger. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Those who enjoy Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice may want to check out another Elex game. The company also released Love Nikki, a mobile fashion game where you put together great outfits to best opponents.

amnesia memories mobile otome games

I want a full game right away.

Know what’s great about a phone or tablet? It suits visual novels really well! You have a great, full screen that would let you go through a story anywhere. It also would probably have better speakers than your 3DS or Vita. It could be very easy to get engrossed in the activity, and having a full game immediately available all at once could be great. Fortunately, there are a few games like that available too!

There are two Idea Factory classics you can pick from in this area. You can get the full version of Hakuoki or the full version of Amnesia: Memories for $22.99. We’ve covered the former extensively, and it is a game where you romance members of the Shinsengumi in an alternate timeline where vampire-like creatures are real. Meanwhile, Amnesia: Memories follows a woman who has lost her memories and must not let her boyfriend know.

What about the NTT Solmare and Voltage games?

There are some mobile otome games that are a bit exploitative. They bill themselves as free-to-play, but you may have to deal with stamina or acquiring things like gems or tickets so you can continue going through the routes. Each one will break stories into chapters and parts. They might even take established games from overseas and localize them in such a way that minigames are removed or art is altered and presented in a portrait perspective instead of landscape. These are what the Voltage games, like My Forged Wedding: Party or Liar! Uncover the Truth, or NTT Solmare Shall We Date games can be like.

However, there are a few Shall We Date games you might want to deal with. This is because they are localizations of Idea Factory Otomate games that originally appeared on platforms like the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. The Shall We Date: Story Jar application, which is available on Google Play and iTunes, has Beastmaster and Princes and Wand of Fortune available in it. You could also pick up titles like Shall We Date? Princess Arthur too. It just comes at a cost.

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