What’s the best Pokémon game of all time?

What’s the best Pokémon game of all time? We’re deciding, once and for all, in this five-part video series: Bracket Monsters. They are the monsters and also maybe we are the monsters, but we do what must be done. Watch?

We’re finally here: the last episode! Our four regional contenders battle it out for the top spot. Will the top spot be a timeless classic or a modern update? A full-featured re-release or a pure original? And will we basically come to an impasse and just need to flip the Pikachu coin a bunch? There’s one way to find out! Thanks for riding along with us on this (mis?)adventure.

Want to start with the first episode? Or check out the GBA one or DS one or 3DS one? Do your thing!

Check out our spoiler-free bracket below for a look at the competition! As promised, you can check out our completed bracket (including coin flips!) here.

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