What’s the best Nintendo DS Pokémon game?

What’s the best Pokémon game of all time? We’re deciding, once and for all, in this five-part video series: Bracket Monsters. They are the monsters and also maybe we are the monsters, but we do what must be done. Watch?

In the third edition, we’re diving into the Nintendo DS era for the franchise, one with a heck of a lot of releases. Diamond! Pearl! HeartGold! SoulSilver! Platinum! Black! White! Black 2! White 2! Only one can be the best, and we’re here to determine exactly which one that is.

Want to start with the first episode? Or check out the GBA one? Next week, we look at our final region before the finals: The 3DS! Check back for more videos.

Check out our spoiler-free bracket below for a look at the competition! We’ll share a completed one after the final episode.

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