What do you need to know about Style Savvy?

Know what is amazing? There are actually four Style Savvy games now! This Nintendo and Syn Sophia series has given Nintendo DS and 3DS owners opportunities to run stores, put together outfits, participate in contests, create clothing, decorate rooms and even help pop stars find their way in the world! The series has exploded over the years, but people unfamiliar with them might mistake the games as something for children. But really, it is so much more than that.

What is Style Savvy?

While each installment adds new features and mechanics, the primary focuses of any Style Savvy game is customer service and store management. The moment a player starts any one of the games, they find themselves given a store. It is up to you to choose a primary look for it, decorate the mannequins in the front window, fill up the stockroom with clothes purchased from a distribution center and sometimes hire an assistant. When customers come in, you must listen to their request and sort through your inventory to find the right clothing for them. If you do your job well, the customers will occasionally ask for additional clothing or a full outfit.

Each entry changes in occasionally subtle ways. The first game started out with 10,000 clothing items for women, basic shop management and a rudimentary contest that had you trying to meet criteria and create the best outfit to present. Each entry boosted that number by not hundreds, but thousands. (The difference between the first game was 2,000, for example.) They eventually added men’s wear, makeup, clothing design, hair cuts, modeling gigs outside of the contests, interior design and an image consultant role for a talent agency.

How many Style Savvy games are there?

Good question! There are currently four games you can get. The DS installment is only available physically. The second and third games are available digitally and physically. The most recent release, Styling Star, is only available via the eShop in North America. All four games have been released worldwide, so at least you will not have to worry about importing!

But if you do import, remember that the series goes by different names in different regions. In Japan, it is known as Girls Mode. In Europe, it is Style Boutique. In Korea, you will find it under the Girls Style label.

Style Savvy (DS, 2008)

The first Style Savvy is the most basic. You run a shop, compete in contests and occasionally put together ads. However, it is unique in that this is the one installment that has you hold the handheld like a book when you play. Also, back when the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was active, you could run an online store and visit other peoples’ shops via the internet. It had over 10,000 clothing items.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters (3DS, 2012)

The big deal with Style Savvy: Trendsetters is the inclusion of men’s fashion. The over 12,000 items here let you stock a shop and cater to both men and women. AR photos can be taken, if you use the 3DS’ AR cards. Wireless fashion shows are possible, if you know friends with the game. This game continued the online store feature from the previous game, letting you run a virtual shop that others could browse.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (3DS, 2015)

In an odd way, Style Savvy: Fashion Forward pares back while leaping forward. In addition to shop management, you can act as an interior decorator and design rooms in a house people will rent, work as a hairdresser, do makeup for people, model and participate in some rudimentary designing. The online elements include fashion contests and a virtual showroom. But, it cuts out men’s clothing. Despite that, it has over 19,000 clothing items. This is also the first entry to be compatible with amiibo, which unlock extra outfits.

Style Savvy: Styling Star (DS, 2017)

Style Savvy: Styling Star takes many of the new elements introduced in Fashion Forward and adds the ability to connect better with customers. You can still run a store, do people’s hair, makeup and nails and design clothing. Men’s clothing comes back, except here you work in a specific menswear store in your spare time. The highlight is working as a consultant for a talent agency, where your outfit designs determine the songs young women will sing at their performances. But you do not just influence these starlets. Ordinary customers get a bit closer to you as you play, giving you their contact information so you can call them in for new styles and becoming more reliant on your advice as you work with them. Also, this entry has over 20,000 clothing items to choose from when stocking your store and dressing customers.

Which Style Savvy do you recommend?

I consider Style Savvy: Trendsetters to be the best game in the series. It is very well balanced. There is a good array of clothing, too. Especially since you have the challenge of maintaining a shop that is ready to aid men and women. I feel like it was the entry that nailed the shop management and business simulation sides best.

But if you are looking for content, then Style Savvy: Styling Star will probably be your best bet. This is the biggest game in the series. It has tons of tasks for players to complete. There are more clothing options than ever before. Plus, the ability to connect with the characters in a way that lets your influence shape their lives and make them into loyal customers is very neat.

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