What do you need to know about Granblue Fantasy?

Granblue Fantasy is a name on everyone’s lips. People who love mobile titles are talking about it, even though it hasn’t received an official release in North America or Europe. People who like the idea of the series, but don’t want to go mobile, might be wondering what’s going on with the two console games connected to the series. But, with no real easy access to English entries just yet, people might want to know more. Cue Michibiku, here to offer more insights into the series.

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What’s going on in Granblue Fantasy?

Players follow Captain Gran or Captain Djeeta, an airship pilot pulled into a greater conflict against the empire due to being at the right place at the right time. Or, rather, the wrong place. When Granblue Fantasy’s story begins, the Captain ends up near death after saving a young woman named Lyria from Erste Empire. To save their life, Lyria links their souls. This then gives the Captain the power to fight back and summon powerful creatures during fights.

From there, things play out like you would expect any sort of Japanese RPG to. The Captain eventually gathers more allies to fight by their side and creatures to summon during fights. People learn more about Lyria and the empire. There are also the sorts of goofy events involving summer fun and special, fanservice units, like you would expect from any mobile gacha game.

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Is it easy to start playing Granblue Fantasy?

It gets a little involved. The Google Chrome app has been discontinued, so people can’t just go through it. Instead, you have to go through the browser-based client. Once you go to the official website, you have the option to switch to English, so it is easy to hop in once you have made a Mobage ID.

Making the Mobage ID is more involved, since it is entirely in Japanese. The Granblue Fantasy site offers some basics. You choose the bottom-most option, in grey, to make a new account. You then have to give your email address. CyGames will send you an email there with a code, which you need to input to proceed. This will be a four-digit number. Once that is done, you need to provide a username, put the desired password in twice, select your gender, provide your birthdate, choose a secret question and answer to help you recover your account in an emergency and tick the box saying you accept the game’s terms and conditions. Once you are done, you confirm everything. You can now log into the game and begin playing.

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What about the Granblue Fantasy PS4 games?

There are two Granblue Fantasy PlayStation 4 games on the way, and both should be very accessible. Tetsuya Fukuhara, the director of Granblue Fantasy Relink, has said the goal is try for a simultaneous worldwide release for both games.

Since a localization has been announced for Granblue Fantasy Versus already, that should be the more imminent release. It is planned to appear in Europe, Japan and North America in 2019. This is the fighting game, which has also even already had its first beta test.

As for Granblue Fantasy Relink, it is going to be an original storyline set after the main campaign in the Zega Grand region, which is fairly new to even existing Granblue Fantasy players. New and returning characters will be present, and they are unlocked as you travel through the action-RPG. PlatinumGames was even involved for part of the development. Once it does launch, people can play alone or, as in the Tales series, have up to three people with them playing as unlocked characters. It doesn’t have any release window yet.

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Is there another way to catch up with Granblue Fantasy?

Yes! There is a Granblue Fantasy anime that is called, appropriately enough, Granblue Fantasy: The Animation. One season is available so far. It has 13 episodes and people can watch it on Amazon Prime or Crunchyroll. It can help you get familiar with the characters and world. If people watch it and enjoy it, a second season will begin airing in Japan in October 2019.

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