What can you expect from the Valkyria Chronicles Nintendo Switch port?

Good news for everyone who likes Valkyria Chronicles! The first entry in the series has found its way to a new platform. People can now download a copy to their Nintendo Switch. But what should you know about this game and this port? Read on for more details!

What is Valkyria Chronicles?

Valkyria Chronicles is a turn-based tactical title. You fill up a squad with characters who fall into the scout, shocktrooper, lancer, engineer and sniper classes. You read about what is happening in each chapter, setting up a conflict, then head to a map where you deploy a set number of characters and usually your tank to complete an assigned mission.

The Atlantic Federation and East Europan Imperial Alliance are at war, and this has resulted in the Empire invading a small principality called Gallia. Why? Because they want a resource called Ragnite to help power the war efforts. Welkin, his adopted sister Isara and a girl from their town’s watch, Alicia, all join the Gallian militia. The game then follows the events of their squad, which Welkin leads, as they take part in the war efforts and help shape the course of history.

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What does the Nintendo Switch version of Valkyria Chronicles do well?

The main reason anyone should be getting the Valkyria Chronicles Nintendo Switch port is because they want to play the game anywhere. Portability is its best feature. This is the first time it has been possible to play this game on the go, and the transition is handled rather well. You can pick up and play the game anywhere. It functions well in docked, tabletop and handheld modes. But if you want a tip, either go with docked or handheld mode. It looks and sounds best in those two modes. (Especially if you have headphones on while in handheld mode.)

Visually, Valkyria Chronicles looks rather good! I would not say it is as crisp and gorgeous as it would be if you were playing Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on a PlayStation 4 or PC, but I would say it looks better than the PlayStation 3 release. It is easy to see all of your units, determine where things are on the map and make those important tactical decisions.

There are also all the features you need to play on the go. I am pretty much referring to options when saving. You can save both in Book Mode, where you choose which story or map to play. You can also save while in a battle at any time by heading into the System section in options. The in-battle option only happens in Command Mode.

Is there anything the Valkyria Chronicles Switch port does not do well?

There are a few areas where things could be a little better, yes. One has to do with the physical limitations of the hardware. On some maps, you might see some noticeable slowdown due to visual effects or the number of units in action. I first saw this problem come up in Chapter 4, during the “Battle for the Bridge.” It does not in any way make the game unplayable and I would not say you should let it hold you back from purchasing Valkyria Chronicles. Just know that sometimes, it might chug along a little.

The other issues you might only notice if you are coming to Valkyria Chronicles after having played Valkyria Chronicles 4. There are a lot of quality of life changes in the latest title, and they just are not present here. You will not see all the fun squad stories. When you apply experience to classes, you will not know ahead of time if a new Order or Potential will be acquired. You can not skip through the preamble before heading into a battle. These are all very minor things, but it can make this installment feel dated if you immediately play it after the latest installment.

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