Wesker Mode’s the antidote to Resident Evil 0 HD’s tedium

Resident Evil 0 HD has a slower pace and less thrilling atmosphere than its contemporaries. It’s a good game and interesting in its own right, but the nature of the title, which focuses more on partner swapping and puzzles than previous installments and adjustments made to allow it to run on the hardware available at the time resulted in something a little more deliberate and tedious. Fortunately, Wesker Mode livens things up and totally alters the attitude of the game.

Wesker Mode unlocks after someone beats Resident Evil 0 HD for the first time. It’s not quite an Easy mode option, though the game certainly is much quicker and less challenging once Albert Wesker comes to play. Billy is replaced by Wesker, and he ends up going through the entirety of the adventure with Rebecca. Rebecca’s only alteration is a new, P30 super soldier look, because original Rebecca wasn’t cool enough to roll with Wesker.

resident evil 0 hd wesker mode 1
The increase in pacing is reflected literally with the inclusion of Shadow Dash. This ability allows Wesker to move at a greatly increased speed. Part of the forced horror in the game comes by enforcing limitations on the player and toying with mind games. Letting someone rush through areas as Wesker completely turns that on the game. You can speed through many challenges, allowing areas to be traversed faster and making enemies less threatening.

Wesker’s Death Stare is equally game breaking and entertaining. Out of ammo? Surrounded by foes? Up against an intimidating boss? Stare them down. It’s an optional, overpowered attack that can be used at any time, as long as someone’s willing to charge it up. Supply management is one of the most important elements of any Resident Evil game, since you’re often not offered enough materials and ammunition to deal with any threat. As Wesker, it’s never an issue. You have an unlimited wealth of power. You don’t need to practice evasive maneuvers or waste time hunting for items. Wesker has you covered.

wesker resident evil 0 line
But the best part is due, in part, to Capcom’s decision not to adjust the story to make Wesker a proper part. Wesker Mode is Resident Evil 0 HD with Wesker replacing Billy. That’s it. All of the lines, voice acting, and story remains the same. This results in many out of character moments. The campy script alone is often laughable enough, but adding a completely displaced character to the mix enhances it. Any parts that seemed dry, extraneous or slow have a new dimension added to them, due to the unexpected “camaraderie” between Rebecca and Wesker.

Wesker Mode is probably the best part of Resident Evil 0 HD. It’s a reward for powering through the original game again, with all of its flaws. Suddenly, you’re given a second chance to enjoy it in an all new way. Wesker Mode gives Resident Evil 0 HD a chance to be delightfully irreverent to an otherwise serious and overdramatic series. It’s appreciated.

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