Video: Train your retro skills in Bokura no Telebi Game Kentei

Ever feel like you’d like to be better at games? Maybe you need a little training! Jeremy and Graham play Bokura no Telebi Game Kentei, a Japan-only DS release from Namco that uses its back catalog of retro hits to provide quick-fire game challenges.

Bokura no Telebi released during the brain-training blitz of the DS era, and really… well, it’s a stretch to say it’s training much of anything, but it’s fun to play bite-sized arcade challenges. Don’t get me wrong: it’s no Retro Game Challenge. Still, it’s weird, it’s very cheap these days and it could be worth your time! Also that anthropomorphized arcade cabinet is certainly something. Watch the video and decide for yourself, though, right?

Topics include: Barcade yearnings, training, the inevitable appearance of Mappy, C is for Complete Failure, training, having a catch to train, inexplicable dating sim success, training.

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