Video: Exploring school life in Trails of Cold Steel!

Time to go back to school! Henry Skey joins Jenni and Graham to take a look at the immersive JRPG action of XSEED and Nihon Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. The game combines relationship-building aspects and dungeon-crawling combat in a very Persona-like way, but does so with the very traditional, robust take on world-building at which Falcom has become quite practiced.

The start of a new arc in the Trails series, Trails of Cold Steel is a PS3/Vita release with a polygonal look but clear roots in the aesthetics of the pixel-driven Trails in the Sky games. There are longer dungeons to crawl, but many of your days will be spent like in this video: mixing errands and light fighting as you progress through the narrative.

Check out the video below. To learn more, read our review! Spoilers: we thought it was quite good.

Topics include: Woo guys, putting time into the world, class systems, pants, how Elliot is the best, pop quizzes, resounding beats.

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