Video: Keep calm, but do play Touch Panic

In the DS days, Nintendo published a lot of touch-friendly all-ages games that would foreshadow the mobile app era that was ahead. Brain Age! Polarium! Professor Layton! Touch Panic!

If you haven’t heard of that last one, you’re forgiven: it didn’t release in the West. But it’s incredibly import-friendly and you should play it. Check out our video for a better look!

Mawashite Tsunageru Touch Panic was developed by AKI Corporation (now Syn Sophia) in their bizarre transition between making a bunch of wrestling games and being masters of fashionable dress with the Style Savvy series. It’s about sliding panels to collect marbles and get them to the exit, and it played with how exactly you did those things as the game progressed. It looked cool, it played well and… it’s really weird that it didn’t get released worldwide, frankly.

Topics include: pathfinding, following suit(s), seeing me rolling, fun with aesthetics.

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