Video: Sutte Hakkun is a forgotten Nintendo gem

There are so many high-quality Nintendo titles that have slipped through the localization cracks, and many were lost in the late Super Famicom era. Japan kept getting cool SNES games well after the Nintendo 64’s launch, and the West saw precisely none of them. One of those games is Sutte Hakkun, a 1998 environmental puzzler about a living glass creature and powerful ink.

Jeremy joins me to check out the game, and here’s the thing: it holds up really well. And it’s mostly in English! Really, if Nintendo wanted to put this out on Wii U Virtual Console in North America and Europe right now, it’d be quite a treat. Until then, maybe watch us stumble through the early levels? Unfortunately, unless you import a Japanese Wii or Wii U, it may be your best option, as cartridges are expensive to get these days.

Topics include: using your nozzle, nice clears, not-as-nice clears, feeling a little like Kirby, devious half-steps and textbook game design.

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