Video: Sanrio met Picross in Hello Kitty Illust Puzzle!

Jupiter may have just revealed its latest project, Sanrio Characters Picross, but this new, late-life 3DS release wasn’t the first time Hello Kitty showed up on the nonogram stage. No, no, Graham and Jenni are here to show you Hello Kitty Illust Puzzle for the original PlayStation!

It’s always a bit sketchy to venture out of the realm of Jupiter-developed games, as some aren’t done with quite as much quality, but… no, actually, this budget Tamsoft game is one of those that could have used a bit more development time! Still. It’s got puzzles and it works. And there’s a Hello Kitty face in there sometimes.

Topics include: Good Picross, less good Picross, the illest puzzles, favorite Hello Kitty games.

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