Video: Get drawn in by Rakugaki Showtime

When delving into the world of retro imports, you’re always hoping to find a treasure, but what about a Treasure treasure? Late-life PS1 release Rakugaki Showtime is a fun Power Stone-style brawler with a hand-drawn look and even a Mischief Makers cameo, and it’s a great little game to check out today. So do that! We conveniently have this video.

The primary thing you’re doing when you play Rakugaki Showtime is grabbing and throwing these little smiley faces to deal damage and make them angrier and more potent until eventually they’re super-powered. There’s other stuff to pick up too, like rocks and rockets to pelt at foes, and all of these are drawn by a mysterious floating hand. The story has you progressing through to fight and stop this aggressive meddler, but the true draw here is the multiplayer arena.

Rakugaki Showtime isn’t particularly common, but it’s not hard to grab: it’s available on Japanese PSN as a PSOne Classic.

Topics include: Really good life bars, the ease of being green, hard-fought victories, unfair teams, final showdowns.

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