Video: Monster Strike on 3DS is a robust adventure

Following on the heels of Puzzle & Dragons Z, the 3DS version of Monster Strike takes the mobile phenomenon and converts it to a full JRPG, replete with school, friends, a little creature pal and a plot about saving the world.

Telling a story very similar to the anime adaptation, Monster Strike has you unleashing real-life glitches into the world and setting off to fix them by defeating monsters. Oh, and you do that by propelling your own monsters around arenas, slingshot-style, to hit things a lot and damage them!

The game’s Japan-only. For now? It’s a lot of fun, so we could see it Stateside sometime. For now, watch the video and check out the action for yourself!

Topics include: Mobile games, bouncing off the walls, categories of monsters, ninja speed, efficiency, evolutionary biology, reasons to go to school.

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