Video: Making bad decisions in Amnesia: Memories

We’ve talked about Amnesia: Memories quite a bit over the last few weeks. Can you blame us, though? It’s a pretty great visual novel. Especially after you’ve managed to piece together what’s going on within the game.

That’s not what this is about.

Rather, this is a video where we get to know one of Amnesia: Memories‘ more unorthodox bachelors. See, there’s this guy named Toma. Toma seems relatively normal in most of the timelines, but is one of the most unnerving people you’ll ever meet when he gets to be the heroine’s “boyfriend.”

How bad is it? Well, he sends out major creeper vibes 15 minutes into his own story.

Topics include: Spirits, heterochromia, men dressed like bees and red flags.

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