Video: Taking your first steps in Grand Kingdom!

Grand Kingdom, developed by Monochrome and published in Japan by Spike Chunsoft, is releasing in the West in June thanks to NIS America! The PS4/Vita RPG-strategy hybrid is a spiritual sequel to cult import hit Grand Knights History and a compelling tactical experience in its own right.

In this video, we take a look at the first hour-plus of the game, available through a beta that also happens to let you play the early quests and transfer your progress to the final game. There’s a robust online component to the game with various faction battles, and we’re hoping to cover those in depth between now and the game’s release.

The Grand Kingdom PS4 public beta begins on May 3, allowing you access to this early part of the game as well as some online play. The save will even work with the final game, so the progress isn’t wasted! Sign up at

Topics include: What not to do in battle, Bill Bow, basic human decency, color coordination, getting ye flask, Old Link, when to exercise caution.

The full game will be available in North America on June 21. Check back for more Grand Kingdom coverage!

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