Video: A look at the gameplay of Culdcept Revolt!

There’s no better way to understand how Culdcept Revolt plays than to see it in action! So that’s what we’re here to do. Take Fortune Street, add in creatures and spells and you have a truly addictive combination that has flourished in Japan for two decades. And it’s great for head-to-head play.

With robust online play, Culdcept Revolt lets you play with friends, which is great because it’s totally how you should. Building decks and playing with online rivals is the primary appeal of the game, in much the same way as Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering. As for how to build those decks? Stay tuned for a closer look at that.

Topics include: Healthy competition, territory basics, when to listen to the computer, critical hits, the right creatures in the right places, keeping mana money in the bank, sweet revenge, the spoils of war.

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