Video: Kirby’s Toy Box, the puffball’s rarest outing

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A Kirby game so rare, it’s not yet entirely preserved? Andrew Passafiume (@AndrewWDP) joins Graham to check out the various diversions of Kirby’s Toy Box, a serial Satellaview release to promote Kirby Super Star.

In this not-quite-lost episode of our Kirby series, we check out what parts of Kirby’s Toy Box have been preserved, which is most of them, actually. They’re not the best things in the world, but they’re weird, which can be fun in a different sort of way!

(Apologies for the minor audio issues throughout; we thought some would like to see it anyway.)

Topics include: Friends, believing in yourself, all questions, no answers, the Multi-Kirby Theory, inscrutable everything.

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