Video: Keys to success in Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure

With a franchise as big as Pokemon, you’d think no game would be left unlocalized. You’d be wrong! Though Japan and Europe received releases, North America was sadly deprived of the wonder that is Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure.

Developed by Genius Sonority (the studio behind many Pokemon spinoffs, as well as the Denpa Men franchise), Typing Adventure is exactly what it sounds like: an educational typing game featuring the lovable little monsters. It’s a DS game, so… yeah, you put the system on a little stand and slap a full keyboard down in front of it. It’s a quirky product, to be sure, but it’s a lot of fun as a game in much the same way as The Typing of the Dead.

Watch this video to see us play the European release of the game. Both the Japanese and European versions of Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure are region-free and import-friendly, so check them out? The main differences are the names themselves: Europe got the localized English names, while Japan uses the Romanized names. So it’s not the names you know, but you can still type them!

Topics include: Typing puns, regrets and consequences, good researching, fire keyboards, spinoff rankings.

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