Video: No Goku in Smash Bros.? Jump! Ultimate Stars is almost as good

Jump! Ultimate Stars has all your favorites in one place! That is, if your favorites are part of Shonen Jump’s library of characters. And they may be: Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and much, much more are represented here. And in Smash Bros.-style battles! Jeremy and Graham check out the sadly-Japan-only title.

The sequel to Jump! SuperstarsJump! Ultimate Stars added more characters, modes and stages to a game that was already quite solid. It may not have the high level play of something like Smash, but if you can gather some friends and enjoy some brawling (there’s Download Play, so it’s doable), you’ll probably have a good time. It also helps if you know the franchises themselves, but… well, I know incredibly little, and I still think the game’s great.

Topics include: All of the anime licenses, page layout, Graham’s lack of Shonen Jump knowledge, effort, friendship, victory, Bo-bobo know-knowknows.

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