Video: It’s not easy playing Pokemon Green

The original Japanese Pokemon titles, Red and Green, were never seen in the West; we got the enhanced version found in the Japanese Blue release. So what’s different? Jenni and Graham check out a fan-translated version of the game and play through the early moments.

The translation for this version is a little rough, but you can still tell what was tweaked prior to the series’ Western debut. The most noticeable? The art. Many monsters were cleaned up and redrawn, and the results are… we’ll say universally positive. Those initial sprites were difficult to look at. Even those still-weird Red/Blue sprites look masterful in comparison! Most of the other tweaks were bug fixes and such, but you’ll find a surprise here and there.

Topics include: Bulba, Bulba, Bulba, Bulba, Bulba, Bulba, Bulba, Bulba.

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