Video: Have some fun with hot-blooded heroes in Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection

We’ve recommended getting into the world of Kunio-kun in the past, but the latest release makes that easier than ever! Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection compiles (almost) all of Technos’ eight-bit outings into one release on Switch and PS4, and though it’s Japan-only for now, it includes full English menus!

This compilation brings together a whole host of Famicom games and a lot of the NES adaptations, with the one notable absence being the Nintendo-published Nintendo World Cup. Still, that gives you River City Ransom, Crash ‘n’ the Boys, Super Dodge Ball and all the Japan-only sports releases. Hey, that means the Japanese version of the game that became Nintendo World Cup and also its more advanced sequel! It also means Ganbare Dunk Heroes, an entry in a genre I like to call “How Japanese People Think Basketball Works.” It’s a great genre.

Check out the video for more! Warning: we enjoy Kunio-kun games a lot, but we are not exactly amazing at them.

Topics include: Menu inspirations, QualityUp, HI!, geography problems, cool sorts, Play Blue Dragon?

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