Video: Grandia II Anniversary Edition, the return of a JRPG classic

Grandia II is back! We take a look at Grandia II: Anniversary Edition, just released on GOG and Steam, and see if it holds up 15 years later.

(It does.)

The Dreamcast classic, also released on PC and PS2 back in the day, has seen some visual enhancements here, including a resolution bump, better textures and some lighting and shadow improvements. And support for VMU saves! That’s… that’s crazy. But cool. Sadly, we couldn’t test that out. GungHo Online Entertainment America decided to re-release this game after a fan poll showed it was the most-demanded title it owns. Maybe later we’ll see some more? Lunar was in there.

Topics include: Spiders, shadows, Jennifer Hale and Cam Clarke, CD-quality music, JRPG inspirations, save points and text skips, discerning between reality and fiction.

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