Video: Google and Nintendo join forces in And-Kensaku

Google and Nintendo made a game together? Yep! Graham and Jeremy check out And-Kensaku, a Japan-only Wii party game about search results and knowing the world you live in.

And-Kensaku uses search results (once live, but now that Nintendo Network’s gone, it reverts to on-disc data) to ask you various things. In what month do people search for a certain topic more? Which is more commonly named on the Internet: mangoes or pineapples? It’s weird. This game is very weird. And under no circumstances should you pick it up expecting to understand it without knowing Japanese. Still! It’s interesting to know about. It also has an adorable little mascot who looks distantly related to Nintendo Land‘s Monita.

We use our limited Japanese knowledge to have some fun, but we definitely sit back and enjoy the randomness to a certain extent. (Our performance would likely drive a fluent person crazy.) Watch! And dream of an English-language version of this game, which would probably be quite fun.

Topics include: Long-form URLs, Grandpa Jeremy, building anticipation, buying games for a dollar, all the kanji we don’t know, charts on charts on charts, phoning a friend.

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