Video: Getting down in Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Graham and Jenni are joined by good friend and Shin Megami Tensei expert Andrew Passafiume to take a look at the new rhythm game entry in the Persona series!

Persona 4: Dancing All Night takes all the memorable themes from the original JRPG and, well, has players dance to them, due to some rationalization about needing to fight away demons through the power of self-expression. The important thing here is that you get to see your favorite characters from the game again and have some dancing fun! We take a look at some songs featuring Chie, Nanako and Yosuke in the video, as well as do some costume shopping! If you’d like to know more about the game, read our review.

Topics include: Demons and how you can fuse them, saving the day through song, plot implications, accessibility, whether Nanako is cute or sad (or both), Feverade.

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