Video: Is Gaist Crusher an oft-forgotten Treasure?

Gaist Crusher may have been the game that took down beloved developer Treasure, but it’s more a case of overly high expectations, because the game itself isn’t so bad. (Oh, and it’s crazy-cheap, importers.) Join us and decide for yourself, yeah?

Published by Capcom in 2013, Gaist Crusher was intended as the beginning of a cross-media franchise, similar to Level-5’s efforts like Inazuma Eleven and Yo-Kai Watch. It was a fairly common idea at the time, and like many of its colleagues, it also collapsed financially under the weight of its own ambition. It somehow saw a sequel, Gaist Crusher God, which recycled a lot of the assets of the first game but provided some more gameplay in an effort to get the most use out of the work the team had already done.

The game itself is a kid-friendly action-brawler, with some fun characters and the kind of quirk that can be a lot of fun when you grab a Japanese copy of the game for single-digit dollars. It may not be Treasure’s best, but it’s certainly an important part of the company’s story.

Topics include: The laws of anime, flashy moves, weaponry size limits, doing all the damage.

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