Video: Funassyi vs. Dragons is a game and that’s basically all we’ve got

This is Funassyi. Funassyi is… a pear? But also a mascot? For a region, but no entity in particular? And the star of this 3DS game that’s reminiscent of Puzzle & Dragons? I… you know, just watch the video.

Anyway, Jenni joins me and shares more actual information about this peculiar entity while I play this game, Nashi-jiru Busha! Funassyi vs. Dragons, and show off a fairly standard but competent match-three game with no worries about microtransactions. And all worries about Funassyi. Because… like… what?

Topics include: Funassyi facts!, look at this thing, trustworthiness, funamena, the long life and many deaths of Funassyi, that video we mention, also hey there’s a puzzle game.

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