Video: An introductory lesson in E.X. Troopers

Capcom’s E.X. Troopers is another modern import mainstay, a quirky Japan-only release that’s playable despite the language barrier and plentiful enough to grab at a low price. Our buddy Andrew Passafiume joins us to check it out! Watch?

Designed to make the Lost Planet formula more appealing to Japanese players, E.X. Troopers builds an manga-inspired setting in these environs and ends up looking very stylish. It uses halftones and comic frames to give it a specific style, and… well, Lost Planet didnt have much of a style at all, so anything was an improvement! It saw simultaneous release on PS3 and 3DS, a weird choice for a multi-platform release until you realize that those were the two viable platforms in Japan at the time.

It’s a more action-focused entry with a lot of personality, but it does its best to retain the combat strategy for which the once-popular Lost Planet series was known. It was never quite Monster Hunter, but it similarly embraced the animation-priority style of combat. E.X. Troopers actually scales that back, but positioning is still important.

Anyway, check it out! We’re not exactly E.X.-perts, but it should give you a good feel for the title.

Topics include: Anime Lost Planet, battle preparedness (or lack thereof), shootin’ good, putting your best foot forward and into enemies, advance burgers.

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