Video: Dropping blocks and breaking hearts in Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle Dama

The enormous popularity of Puyo Puyo in Japan caused many, many competitors to try their hand at creating a falling-block puzzle franchise, and there weren’t many to find as much success in gameplay and domestic longevity as Taisen Puzzle Dama, Konami’s attempt in the genre. Let’s take a look at a signature entry — one tied to another Konami franchise that found a lot of fans in its home country!

While it never made it outside Japan in its original form, Taisen Puzzle Dama made a sort of appearance as the base for the gameplay of worldwide mobile release Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night. Like Puyo Puyo, you match colors by dropping two-item blocks, but its colored garbage system means different sort of stacking strategies and plans.

This entry’s based on dating sim juggernaut Tokimeki Memorial, but Taisen Puzzle Dama has been released in Twinbee, Mirmo!, , , and Pop’n Music flavors, among others. You’re sure to find one you at least tolerate!

Topics include: rivaling Puyo Puyo, licensing, story?, brutal AI, ways you can play.

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