Video: Attack the block in Dragon Quest Builders!

Dragon Quest Builders is out this week in Japan, and there’s a demo to try on Japanese PSN! If you’re as curious as we are, you should take a look at our video and see if the game’s for you.

A direct sequel to the “dark” ending in the original Dragon Quest, Builders has you recreating the world of Alefgard after it’s been destroyed by evil. It certainly shares some mechanics with Minecraft, but it also takes a very Japanese approach, with a lot more structure and quests and such to keep you headed toward specific goals. You can also just goof around, though; you’ll just need to play along occasionally to unlock new recipes and such.

There’s no announcement of a release outside Japan yet, but for the first time in a long time, there’s optimism around Dragon Quest localizations. Still, though: this game’s very accessible, and its three release platforms — PS4, PS3 and Vita — are region-free.

Topics include: Where to find those rare Minecraft YouTube videos, why no one needs a roof, bare necessities, getting very close with the townsfolk, working from blueprints.

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