Video: Disgaea 5, the game that never ends

Spells! Blades! Exploding penguin demons! Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance has all the trappings you’d usually expect from a Disgaea game, plus a whole slate of new features and mechanics. Check some of them out with us in this video!

The game, releasing October 6, puts a focus on its new squad mechanics, as well as the board game-like Chara World and… a few other things. Like enhanced interrogation techniques. And curry preparation. And… yeah, there’s a lot of game in this Disgaea, as usual. We try to show you as much as we can (without spoiling too much) to give you a better sense of how this entry plays!

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Topics include: Making your Netherworld your own, tower construction, Japanese themes, animation improvements, knowing when to stop (or not), questionable architecture decisions, tastebud torture, random number generators, support groups.

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