Video: Cubivore devs monkey around in Jungle Park

Fans of the peculiar probably know all about Cubivore. The quirky game from developer Saru Brunei was one of the weirdest releases on the GameCube and, for some, as fun as it was rare. But Saru Brunei made one more game in its short life as a developer: Jungle Park: Saturn Island for the Sega Saturn!

It’s one part point-and-click adventure and one part minigame collection, but Jungle Park is all quirk and all heart. You’ll control a little monkey by dragging them around environments, stumbling upon things to do and challenges to play as you do. Is it a good game? Does it control well? Should you play it? All of these questions and more will be ignored as we try to have fun anyway in this video!

Topics include: Cool music, buttons, clumsiness, hockey, whimsy, baserugby?

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