Video: Check out Valkyria Chronicles 3 in English!

Do you love Valkyria Chronicles? We definitely do, and we look for any opportunities to experience more of its fun strategy gameplay. If you import the Japan-only Valkyria Chronicles 3, you can do exactly that, and now you can do it in English!

Thanks to the team at the VC3 Translation Project, you can find your own copy of the game’s Extra Edition and apply a patch that translates the text and makes you feel a lot more at home. Even if you don’t want to go through that process (which you can learn more about at the project’s site), you can get through most of the Japanese game without knowing the language anyway! Still, it helps. A lot.

In this video, we take a look at a mission in the game, and show off how the interfaces and menus have been handled in this patch. We also talk a lot about Valkyria Chronicles 3, because it’s great! If you want to know more about the game, maybe check out the Complete Artworks? Though Sega never officially localized the game itself, it did oversee the translation of this robust art book, and it’s both a good guide to the game and its characters and generally a cool thing to have.

Topics include: Making lemonade, names and not-names, captains, Puyo, futility, going through phases, liars, occupations, attention to detail.

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