Video: Bomberman 2 (DS) may be the deepest Bomberman game ever

One of a line of Nintendo DS games to see a localization for Europe but no American release, Bomberman 2 is more than you may think. It’s got equipment, stats and a fun puzzle campaign to go along with its definitely-still-there multiplayer options, and… hey, watch already, will ya?

Bomberman 2 is sort of a Chip’s Challenge-style take on Bomberman, combined with a theme and aesthetic that’s very Mega Man Battle Network. You’re “hacking in” and saving the network with your digital Bomberman avatar, and you earn all sorts of things as you go. It’s a real shame that it never released in the States, but the DS is region-free, so track it down if it seems as cool to you as it does to us!

Topics include: Hacked In, chips, challenges, hack packs, peculiar walking animations, the difference between novices and beginners, bad jokes as usual.

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