Video: Best-laid plans in Switch puzzler Madoris R

Sometimes all it takes to make a great game is a compelling base premise and a charming aesthetic. Sure, that part’s hard, but most releases try to justify themselves by throwing in lots of features and modes, but if your one feature and one mode just happens to be really very good, maybe that’s all you need. Madoris R is one of those games.

Built around a look of tiny Japanese apartment floor plans, Madoris R has you completing columns and rows by laying pieces in an attempt to keep your board clear. Each segment of a piece must be part of a cleared line for it to disappear, and you’ll get more points for making matches near the middle. We’ve written more about it here. You’ll totally get it if you see it in action! So that’s why we made that video down there.

Topics include: Best-laid plans, political commentary, the hubris for which we are typically known.

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