Video: A pixel-packed peek at Pokémon Picross!

Around here, we like both Pokémon and Picross, so Pokémon Picross is a big deal. We’ll walk you through the new 3DS free-to-play title and show off what it has to offer!

Available now worldwide, Pokémon Picross combines the puzzle-creation chops of longtime developer Jupiter and the addictive nature of collecting little creatures. But, you know, it’s mostly Picross. Still, it has special abilities, varied challenges and achievements and mural pieces to collect.

This actually isn’t the first Pokémon Picross game. The first, a Game Boy Color project, was never released, but many of its puzzles found their way into Picross NP Vol. 1, a Super Famicom game distributed only through special rewritable cartridges and the first of eight Picross releases for the platform. All of those games were made by Jupiter, the developer of this game and also the team behind Tales of the World: Reve Unitia.

Anyway, watch the video! It should help you decide whether the game’s worth your time (and possibly money). And stay tuned for more Picross coverage! No, really. We’re going to cover Picross games a lot.

Topics include: Pokémon, Picross and the combination of the two; history lessons; preparing for multiples of trouble; energy crises.

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