Valkyria Chronicles’ Marina is one of the Gallian Militia’s best

We all have our favorite characters in games. Especially in RPGs and strategic titles, where each person has their specialty. When it comes to Valkyria Chronicles, Marina Wulfstan is by far my favorite, and she should be one of yours too. This heroine is one of the strongest soldiers in your militia. She’s not only well-rounded, with a strong backstory, she’s also skilled and quite human.

Marina is a Valkyria Chronicles sniper, one who was taught how to shoot by her father. She joins Squad 7 to help protect Gallia from the East Europan Imperial Alliance. Which is fantastic, because this woman is amazing. She’s a loner who loves animals, whether they’re wild or more domesticated pets like Hans, Squad 7’s mascot, or her own pet fox. She can be brusque, focusing on what matters, but always works for the good of her squad and country. She’s often paired with Edy Nelson, not because the two are especially good friends, but because they’re both fan favorite characters put into add-ons and squads together to appease players.


The reason Marina is such an amazing fighter is due to the Ultimate Accuracy Potential. Normally, her accuracy is rather good for a sniper. Her base accuracy stat is 16; it reaches 64 when maxed out. However, she has Ultimate Accuracy as a battle potential. This means she will have a 90% chance of making her shot, every time you select her. She’s far more consistent than the other snipers in her game.

Her other Potentials also show how versatile a character she can be in the Valkyria Chronicles. Each one of her Battle Potentials play well into her being a sniper, striking from a distance. Her attack increases when she’s climbed a ladder, thanks to Nest Master. Penetrator might make her shots ignore defense, while Extra Shot could have her automatically load round after an attack. She even has the Night Vision Personal Potential, which means you can always have her on your team, regardless of time of day.


Even the detrimental Potentials are interesting. They speak to her character, while still sometimes offering a boost to her abilities. She’s a loner who prefers to be by herself. It’s what you’d expect from a former hunter and current sniper. So, evasion increases when she’s alone, thanks to My Way. Since her evasion starts at 0 and can only max out at 8.8, that’s good news. Lone Wolf, on the other hand, makes her evasion drop if she isn’t alone. But then, given her low HP (125 initially, 182 at its best), she shouldn’t ever be close to enemies anyway.

I even like the little bit of levity that Sega added to her character. I’m not talking about her fascination with everything cute. Rather, I’m referring to her Pollen Allergy. This Personal Potential causes her health to decrease if she’s surrounded by plants. Considering she spends much of her time in forests and the wilderness as a hunter, it’s a rather ironic trait. Perhaps it’s cruel, but thinking of her sniffling her way through a hunt prior to or following the events of Valkyria Chronicles always amused me.


With Marina being so great, you’re probably wondering how to get her. Well, it varies from game to game. In Valkyria Chronicles, she could show up among any of the random recruits. Getting her just takes time. In Valkyria Chronicles 2, you can summon her far more swiftly. Use the code “CR6BG1A9LYQKB6WJ” in the English versions of the PlayStation Portable team, and she’ll be ready. For Valkyria Chronicles 3, you need to get the Edy vs. Dahau DLC and complete that mission to call Marina into action.

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see or hear anything about Marina making an appearance in the next Valkyria game, Valkyria: Azure Revolution. Given the nature of the game and setting, it’s very likely the Valkyria Chronicles Duel browser-based card game was her last appearance in an installment. At the very least, we have three other games where we can appreciate her prowess.

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