Uta no Prince-sama: Music 3 is ridiculously import-friendly

Know what’s great? When you import a game, pop it in your system of choice and find gratuitous English. Something like that can really make your day. Especially when the title in question happens to be Uta no Prince-sama: Music 3, an already easy-to-adjust-to music game!

Here’s how friendly Uta no Prince-sama: Music 3 is. The only Japanese you see upon starting the game is in the game’s logo. The opening credits greats you with a “Welcome!” Then, it lists all the voice actors in English. The initial menu says, “New Game” or “Load Game.” Every main menu option? All English. Even the Library sections and song titles are all translated.

uta no prince sama music 3 b

This isn’t to say everything’s in English. The character bios, shop items and customization options are in Japanese, so you can’t pick up on every detail. All of the audio is in Japanese as well. After you finish a song, you need to experiment to learn the first option lets you repeat the song, the second lets you tweak options for that particular track and the third takes you back to the song selection screen.

The words in English appearing in Uta no Prince-sama: Music 3 are incredibly common ones. They’d be part of the vocabulary of someone who might have learned English as a second language. Games often list menu options and difficulty levels in English. So, on one hand, this is no big deal; Uta no Prince-sama: Music 3’s presentation isn’t extraordinary.

uta no prince sama music 3 c

At the same time, it’s important to point out the level of consideration shown a title Broccoli knows has an international audience. Three of the four anime series have received English translations and are on Crunchyroll right now. Uta no Prince-sama: Music 3 isn’t going out of its way to cater to a foreign audience, but it’s certainly doing more than usual to be inclusive.

So, if you’re looking for a PlayStation Vita music game and enjoy otome games, maybe consider adding Uta no Prince-sama: Music 3 to your wishlist. Music games are universal, this handheld is region-free, you can always turn to the anime series to learn more about the characters and it’s almost completely translated. It’s a great way to import something special that won’t make you struggle.

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