There’s always ‘one’ song in games like Love Live! School Idol Festival

Are you good at music games? Not to boast, but they’re kind of my jam. (Did you get that? You got that, right? I’ll stop now.) It’s a fun genre, but I’ve noticed something about them. There’s always “one” song in a game that gets you. No matter how amazing you are, this track will trip you up. It’s your kryptonite. And I, my friends, have found my Achilles heel in the iOS game Love Live! School Idol Festival.

It’s an innocuous song called “Wonderful Rush.” Since it’s a Hits track, it unlocks after reaching a certain rank level in Love Live! School Idol Festival. Since I didn’t realize it was going to become such a thorn in my side, I’m not quite sure exactly when it appeared in my library, but it was likely sometime after passing rank 20.

This song gets me, and I have no idea why. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t keep to a standard rhythm on Normal? Maybe it’s because it was made available to me after I’d become accustomed to the faster paced Hard songs? It certainly can’t be a dislike for the track itself. It isn’t as though is this that horrendous “Blueberry Train” song added for The μ’s Swimsuit Contest event. It’s the worst song ever, but I manage to S grades for scores and combos.

I mean, look at this screenshot. See that? Full Combo. This isn’t random. It happens on the regular.

But Love Live! School Idol Festival‘s “Wonderful Rush,” without fail, catches me off guard. See for yourself. (I was doing so well!)

So, what’s the song that does it to you? You know there’s one dark stain on an impeccible list of high scores. Let’s talk about it. It’ll probably be theraputic.

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