There’s a Storm Lover Kai English translation patch

Michibiku is all about original features. Don’t misunderstand. But I had to make an exception today for a fan translation patch. JJJewel Otome Game Translations has been working on D3 Publisher’s Storm Lover Kai, and a full English patch is available.

So, why should you care? Because Storm Lover Kai isn’t a typical otome game. Yes, there’s the whole “get the guy to fall in love with you” thing. It doesn’t end there. If you get tired of the virtual boyfriend you’re with in-game, you can break up with him and start dating someone new. This can lead to all kinds of complicated situations, since the old guy will still have feelings for you.

You get to go through an entire year in Storm Lover Kai, deciding a schedule, picking potential partners and such. Personally, I’m not super hot on the idea of playing the field, but it’s an interesting premise. People should know about it, and JJJewel Otome Game Translations should be commended for the time and effort they put into making this patch happen.

Good luck actually finding Storm Lover Kai, though. It’s three years old and most sites don’t carry it anymore.

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