The Megami Device Bullet Knights Lancer goes big when she goes (to your) home

When it comes to model kits, people tend to think of Bandai. After all, the company is not only responsible for Gunpla, but also Dragon Ball Z, Doraemon, Sgt. Frog and Star Wars ones. However, Kotobukiya is gradually building a name for itself. This is especially true when it comes to its Megami Device line. These kits have been appearing since 2016 and giving people a chance to build models of women who have modular construction, are incredibly articulated and are compatible with the company’s Frame Arms Girls and even some Gunpla parts. These have been getting more elaborate as time goes on, and the Megami Device Bullet Knights Lancer is one that takes things to a new level.

megami device bullet knights lancer 2

Megami Device figures are supposed to be like Konami’s Busou Shinki line, in that all characters are supposed to be a part of an alleged battle game where they are the robots righting one another. Bullet Knights Lancer and Launcher are the most recent two figures, which debuted in 2019, and are supposed to be a new duo that are essentially tanks. Each one games with a shield almost as big as she is and, well, a lance that is twice as large as she is. They’re big girls. While Bullet Knights Launcher is primarily black with white accents and has more subdued facial features, the Bullet Knights Lancer is white with black accents and a more sunny disposition.

megami device bullet knights lancer

As far as size goes, a Megami Device figure is slightly taller than a Good Smile Company Figma and about the same size as a Bandai Build Divers model. It is much more mobile than mobile of them, thanks to additional articulation. The Bullet Knights Lancer’s ponytail, neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, upper chest, waist, hips, upper thighs, knees, ankles and toes can all move. She has multiple pairs of hands, though she only has white “gloved” varieties. (Other Megami Device figures, like the Asra Ninja, have had gloved and ungloved.) She has three faceplates and two complete heads to choose from, with one having a headset and wires. (The wires are also articulated.) Her lance has multiple parts, allowing her to grip it in different positions or use it as a jet, while her shield is… well, a solid piece of material.

Then, there is her skirt. her armored look has a skirt with four panels that sort of orbits around her waist, thanks to a mechanism you build and attach to her back. The four panels, when attached, should be immovable and decorative. All movement and articulation here comes from the hinges attached to her back. However, the way in which these pegs works requires you to actually glue these panels in place, due to there being no support in the back to lock them in place. While this is easy enough to do and affix, it could be a bit of trouble for some coming into this kit after building another Megami Device model. This is because these kits don’t require glue. Everything snaps together, with things like glue, paint and its water-based decals being optional. Suddenly getting to that part and realizing you needed that extra bit is a bit problematic.

Speaking of that mechanism on her back, there is a whole series of pegs and hinges that makes it possible for you to actually pose the Megami Device Bullet Knights Lancer holding her shield and lance. This additional rigging provides the support necessary for this figure to hold a shield almost as big as she is and a lance that is easily double her size. These extra bits of equipment themselves aren’t as elaborate as an Asra Archer or Ninja’s bow or knives; you could put this part of the kit together in under ten minutes. But, it is outrageously large and fun. Once she’s all done, she can be silly in a very good way.

megami device bullet knights lancer 3

Silly fun is a good way to describe the Megami Device Bullet Knights Lancer kit. She’s an enjoyable build and has a lot of accessories that are goofy in the really good way. She has extra chest, face, head and stomach parts, which let you customize her look to your liking. You can have her wearing armor or her standard body suit, and both looks are compatible with the rigging needed to support her freakishly huge lance and shield. She’s yet another kit in what is turning out to be a detailed line of figures.

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